Laboratory for Interactive Optimization and Learning




Current projects and initiatives


Project overview.

To date we have deployed analytics methodology and research in 20+ real-world projects in a wide variety of industries and contexts including, supply chain management, logistics, warehousing, finance, electricity and energy, oil exploration and production, production planning, algorithmic marketing, and digital services with companies across various businesses stages, from startups to fully established key players. Our industry-focused research is complemented by a significant foundational research component, both informed by and informing real-world applications as well as pushing scientific frontiers.

Predictive Health

     - Predicting obstructed labor in low-resource settings

     - Detecting lymphedema onset

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

     - Pre-packaging of fast-moving inventory

     - Center for Next Generation Logistics (C4NGL)

Big Data Analytics

     - Predictive Maintenance

Foundational Research

     - SDP Extended Formulations

     - Physical Flow and other Industrial Challenges

     - Almost Symmetric Integer Programming