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Logistics and

Supply Chain Management

Enabling the future of logistics using data

The volume, velocity, and variety of supply chain data being received by companies are rapidly increasing. The need to extract and use whatever value these data have in order to make improved supply chain control, warehousing, and logistics decisions in (near) real-time has become a requirement to meet competitive pressures.


Enhancing the physical layer with

data and decision support

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The complex of logistics, supply chain management, and warehousing is a prime area for leveraging data in decision-making processes. In fact, as more and more goods flow downstream along a supply chain we generate more and more data in the process. This data flows back upstream and can be leveraged to e.g., improve demand forecasts and facilitate the transition to fully demand-driven companies. This data can be also used to improve warehousing and stocking policies, enhance and enable advanced manufacturing, and is critical for large-scale automation.

We focus on the integration of insights obtained via learning from data and the decision-support layer, to move to a paradigm where decisions are supported by data and rather than solely by heuristics.

Current involvements and projects.

Pre-packaging of fast-moving inventory

Center for Next Generation Logistics (C4NGL)