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The driver behind innovation


Foundational research complements, is informed, and informs application-driven research. It is innovation for the innovation mechanism and critical for the research ecosystem by providing new methodologies and techniques that can be deployed and leveraged into solutions to real-world problems.

Foundational Research.

Complementing application-oriented research, the role of foundational research is to provide fundamental innovations that are at the core of many of application-specific solutions. As such foundational research addresses the performance of methodologies and paradigms at large and ventures into completely new terrain: foundational research is innovation for the innovation mechanism.

Foundational research is often motivated and informed by limitations of current paradigms and solution techniques and points towards new approaches. As consequence, in many successful solutions to industry problems, it is a foundational research idea and insights that provided the key insights.

We maintain a very strong foundational research portfolio complementing application-driven research.

Current involvements and projects.

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