Laboratory for Interactive Optimization and Learning


Center for

Next Generation Logistics

Intelligent, Adaptive, Automated

Center for Next Generation Logistics (C4NGL)

The intent of the GT-NUS Singapore Initiative is to establish a multi-disciplinary Center on Next Generation Logistics. The Center’s objective is to identify and carry out key pre-competitive research in supply chain and logistics systems having potential for significant economic and societal impact and to reduce the cost, time, and risk of moving from knowledge discovery to innovation and commercialization. 

The Center will be university-based at the National University of Singapore (NUS), in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT), industry, and government. The core team at GT is consists of Chelsea "Chip" White III (GT lead), Alan Erera, Sebastian Pokutta, and Alejandro Toriello joining the NUS team, Lee Loo Hay and Ek Peng Chew.  

The Laboratory for Interactive Optimization and Learning will fed into the Center's core objective leveraging data in the context of supply chain management and logistics, enabling the next generation logistics systems.


- Official homepage [GT / NUS]

- Summary for industry partners [pdf]


07/2015: Official inaugeration of center [Press release GT / Press release NUS]

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The volume, velocity, and variety of supply chain data being received by companies are rapidly increasing. The need to extract and use whatever value these data have in order to make improved supply chain control, warehousing, and logistics decisions in (near) real-time has become a requirement to meet competitive pressures.